5 Content Marketing Tools You Should Try Out In 2020

Content Marketing Tools

Let’s start with the following question, What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method of generating and sharing worthy, consistent, and relevant content to bring and acquire a precisely defined audience – to drive compelling customer engagement.

And while the human part can’t be replaced, there are a variety of content marketing tools that you can practice to make you come up with ideas, rank highly in SERPs, and ensure your targeting is accurate.

Moreover, a variety of tools means an extended scope.

As well as, there are apps, platforms, plugins, devices, and browser extensions to help you with each step of the content marketing process from research and copywriting to automatic scheduling and development.

Today, we are so glad to share with you 5 Content Marketing Tools you should try out in 2020:

Content Marketing tools

1- CoSchedule:


What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a platform for a) planning, b) organizing, and c) executing everything on content marketing.

It’s obvious to use a drag-and-drop calendar interface, which makes it easy to cooperate and schedule all your plans in one station.

You can plan projects, work with your team, and have your content calendar ordered, all inside a single dashboard.

So, if you’re attending to enhance your marketing management, it’s your place.

You’re about to discover how CoSchedule will benefit you:
  • Plan your marketing projects in an advanced way.
  • Efficiently organize your content.
  • Effective implementation of your content marketing strategy.
  • Plan More Productively with CoSchedule:

CoSchedule makes it easy to organize all sets of content marketing projects all in one spot.

Everyone in your company can see your whole article calendar, cooperate on projects, and see accurately when their work is due.

That lets you plan your job efficiently and then run your plan.

  • Get Organized with CoSchedule:

CoSchedule keeps each note, file, and part of the contact for each task and team member in one position.

And it gives your entire team adequate visibility of what everyone is working on, up to “CoSchedule’s intuitive calendar interface.”

Also, you can quickly see how much progress made on each project. Each time an item checked off a Task Template, you’ll see your project completion percentage tick upward.

Content marketing tool
  • Take advantage of CoSchedule content creation integrations:

CoSchedule integrates with WordPress and the most important social networks, allowing direct posting from within the app’s control panel.

Additionally, You can convert Google Docs or Evernote files to WordPress posts, create and schedule whole social media campaigns, and many more.

Also, social media publishing specialties like Best Time Scheduling and Social Automation make it easy to have a robust social appearance with less effort.

Better organization will deliver better results, no matter what you work on.

2- StoryChief:


StoryChief is an all-in-one content delivery and collaboration tool that permits you to create, plan, optimize, and share articles to various publishing channels from one spot.

Besides, StoryChief lets you cooperate better, publish quicker, and easily measure quality.

Content Marketing Tools

With StoryChief’s help, streamlining the copywriter to editor-in-chief process has never been easier.

Review peer work, get insights from StoryChief’s useful SEO tool and get approvals from consumers and administrators – all in one program.

It also allows you to plan, schedule, and distribute multiple channels with one click.

Join your websites, newsletters, AMP channels, social media accounts, and external hubs to then quickly advance stories through your employees, publishers, and influencers.

You can track your production over all channels, catch the leads in your CRM for Your Marketing Funnel, and then be able to measure real reads, views, time spent on articles, and clicks of your content.

3- Surfer SEO:


Surfer SEO is a page-based cloud optimization tool that allows you to analyze and compare your pages with what is currently categorized into Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Rather than seeking to guess what Google prefers to rank, this tool gives you a data-driven report of what your page is missing.

That includes factors such as LSI / NLP / TF-IDF, images, meta tags, and structural elements such as Hx tags.

Content Marketing Tool

What Are the Greatest Parts About Surfer SEO?

  • It’s simpler to use than competing tools:

Surfer SEO works the same way as the previous tools. Still, it makes a few critical changes to the front-end that make data-driven SEO available and clear to follow for all experience levels – including beginners.

  • The Audit tool removes all guesswork:

This tool is very good at cutting within the noise and helping you pinpoint where changes should make, but there’s still an opportunity for discussion when it happens to many of the suggestions.

The audit feature concludes that for those who favor a fast “get in, get out” approach to SEO, because it provides straightforward, actionable to-do things to follow based on what the information says.

  • The Google Docs combination:

Additionally, everything becomes written into Google Docs before being published. If not for auto-saving to the cloud, then for the collaboration tools. It just works.

That will allow you to pull Surfer’s recommendations right into your Google Docs file, giving you all the same interests as the built-in Content Editor.

4- Ahrefs:


Ahrefs is one of the most important digital marketing analysis tools used for providing:

It is used widely for SEO analysis. Aside from analyzing backlinks for SEO, which is well known in digital marketing, it is also useful for analyzing keywords and website rankings.

In addition, Ahrefs uses various SEO metrics to analyze and provide quantitative results for each website analysis done.

Content Marketing tools

What makes Ahrefs at the top of the other digital marketing tools?

Or, in how many ways it can aid you to achieve an actual website analysis? Here are ten ideas of how Ahrefs can help you reach that.

  • It gives qualitative information for the organic search report.
  • The extensive backlink analysis report.
  • The Keyword research tool provides competitor keyword analysis.
  • Content Explorer.
  • Ahrefs rank.
  • URL Rating.
  • Historical Backlink Data Analysis.
  • Link Intersect.
  • To perform a better competitor analysis.
  • You can develop a perfect content strategy.

5- BuzzSumo:


BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool. The functionality broke down as follows:

  • Find content that most shared on social media channels – you can enter your domain or another domain, and see what has shared socially.
  • Get warnings based on keywords, links, brand name, author name, or domain.
  • Find influencers related to particular topics.
  • Track competitors and perform analysis based on their content.
Content Marketing Tools
How to Use BuzzSumo Effectively?
  • Find Fabulous Content Ideas for Posts:
  • Find related keywords using Google Keyword Planner.
  • View how competitive the keywords are to rank for.
  • Find Out the Most Shared Content.
  • Write and Promote the Content.
  • Find Engaging Content to Share with Your Followers.
  • Create Lists of Influencers to Reach Out to.
  • Find Good Writers for Your Content.
  • Research Your Competitors’ Content.
  • Create Alerts for Trending Articles.

In Conclusion, These five content marketing tools are the most straightforward ways to get the most engagement out of your content without wasting a ton of time and energy.

By the way, you will not have to pay more on the internet when using the previous tools! LOL.

But, if you find yourself paying a lot, then you can read this article about Internet Money.

Finally, Just choose the ones of content marketing tools you want to investigate and detect which of them returns in the most beneficial results.
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