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Family doctors will vote in the coming weeks on the contract and the proposed minimum practical investment guarantee, after the BMA has provided details of the new proposals. From October 2020, a new investment and action fund will be used as an incentive and reward for NCPs meeting the objectives set out in the long-term NHS plan and the updated GP contract. This figure will increase by USD 24.25 million in 2020/211 to reach USD 300 million in 2023/24. The first set of indicators for 2020/21 will cover the following areas: this registrant outlines the main elements of the final contract and the potential impact on the general health system based on the information available in November 2020. The updated contract for 2020/21 provides for a substantial increase in the scope and ambitions of the new roles that will be introduced into general practice in order to expand the primary procurement team. It brings the additional staff to 26,000 and opens up the reimbursement of a number of other roles, including: negotiators also said they would try to include a London weighting factor in the treaty. In addition, NHS (Amendments Relating to the Provision of Primary Care Services During a Pandemic etc.) regulations) give NHS England the power to temporarily suspend parts of the GP contract, with the agreement of the Secretary of State, to help deal with the Covid 19 epidemic. Details of the contract suspension can be found on our COVID-19 update for the general practice page. Overall, the updated contract is a clear desire to stabilize general practices in order to provide both better access and increased service provision, with continued support for primary supply networks and the new roles that make up them a key part.

The contract agreement will have several effects on the NCP – the main changes will be highlighted below. We analyzed the actual scenarios of PCNims under the new contract agreement, including their revenues, employee makeup, service preparation and the impact on practices and workload. The Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) will be established in 2020/21 under the DES network contract and will be used in the same way as QOF funds that should be used to invest in labour or services, and this can be done at the practical level. “This means putting all the remaining contract documents in the hands of family physicians and explaining how the MPIG [minimum practical investment guarantee] will work. It`s also about taking charge of the new and improved lender,” he said. This page contains instructions and links to other resources to assist in the implementation of changes to the General Medical Services (GMS) contractual agreements that will apply in England in 2020/21. There are other important treaty changes in the treaty update, including an increase in the overall amount of practice per patient and changes to immunization and immunization regimens.