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Technical For SEO

Technical Knowledge for SEO: What do you need to know?

SEO is not only about content, there is the Technical Knowledge for SEO. You don’t rank just by a bunch of keywords related to your service. SEO is a bit (a lot) more complicated than that. However, don’t be scared. It’s not rocket science! How far should you go with Technical Knowledge for SEO? Anyone...

Page Speed SEO

Page Speed For SEO: Everything You Need!

“Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors.”  -Sam Altman Have You Ever Surfed Of Slow Internet Connection? Do you realize how frustrating it can be for someone to spend seconds and seconds waiting for a page to load? Have you ever seen someone throwing their laptop from a window because...


CTR For SEO & Ads: The Ultimate Guide

I built everything on my website, and all of it is OK, but I didn’t get any visits! (Low CTR For SEO). Why? The answer is that you are not getting enough organic search traffic. It’s a bit satisfying but looks real. The first page of Google is the only place you want to bring...

Website Visibility

Website Visibility: The Ultimate Guide

As you know, Website Visibility is everything, isn’t it? If you don’t appear there (and rank good!), you will likely not get the traffic, therefore, the revenue you want for your company. What Is The Meaning Of Website Visibility? Website Visibility is the method of making your site foundable on Search Engines when your potential customers are searching...


UX For SEO: The Complete & Ultimate Guide

UX For SEO! It is a strange title, Right? Anyways, don’t worry, we are here to help. So let’s Go! Everyone Wants to Be on The First Rank of Google Search Results, But Not Everyone Deserves That, Right? In the old days, SEO was so easy. You stuffed a page with a bunch of keywords,...