Email Marketing: Best 13 Tips In 2020!

Email marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

When a company sends an email, aside from order confirmations and direct responses to customer questions, we can consider it as Email marketing.

Email marketing is one digital marketing segment that includes online marketing via websites, social media, and blogs.

Email marketing can include newsletters with updates on the company or advertisements of sales and special deals for subscribers.

Email Marketing

Ideally, email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed and deliver their customers’ marketing messages.

At its worst, this kind of marketing can drive customers away when your email is considered as spam.

To avoid having problems when you start an email marketing campaign, here are some tips that can help you get the results you want.

1) Build Your Subscriber List:

It would help if you never stopped extending your list of emails for prospects and clients.

It is not so hard!!

Make sure your list is always growing quietly with a signup button on your website.

You should put subscription on your home page, blog page, and everywhere you can put it, but don’t take it away from more important content.

Subscriber List

You can build your list in more traditional ways.

For example, if you have a stand at an industry conference, give people an option to sign up for your newsletter.

Even if you don’t end up selling instantly, you can get a business chance when someone signs up for your email list.

2) Have A Clean List:

It is very important to have a clean list with deliverable email addresses.

So, you can avoid paying your provider for contacts that will never get your emails.

Moreover, you should always keep your reputation high!

To avoid the previous problem, you should use a free email verification tool.

Clean List

By the way, if you’re in HubSpot, the previous tool can analyze all your email addresses and provide some benchmarks and complete lists of all the emails that are invalid.

3) Encourage Readers To Reply:

Email marketing gives a chance for meaningful discussions with real people involved in your business.

It is not about just throwing information to leads and clients, so focus on these three variables:

  • Clear Subject Lines:

Please speak to your readers directly and assure them something different from the emails in their inbox.

The best way to achieve this is automated solutions that personalize your emails.

  • An Entertaining And Unique Voice:

When your readers open your email, that doesn’t mean they won’t delete it.

Your readers must feel that they received your email from a real person who cares.

  • Targeted Content:

Segmenting your email lists by reader demographics is a great idea to build a message that meets your readers’ needs and interests.

This way, you will make them more likely to engage with you or even share your email with other possible clients. Lots of businesses are now also having to use user activity monitoring software as this enables them to track what those staff are doing and so make sure that they are all doing what they are supposed to be doing.


The purpose of using these tips is to inspire your readers to respond!

Don’t hesitate to make the readers just click the link but respond to your emails whenever possible.

4) Make Your Emails Personalized:

Always try to add a personal element to your emails.

Most email tools will help you enter Shortcodes replaced with the reader’s name when you send the email.

You can also segment your messages to particular parts of your audience.

email marketing

If you have a business that goes with many industries, send several versions of your email, with each one giving specific information to each sector.

5) Make Your Emails Clean And Fresh:

You may be shocked by how many people send emails that look like unskilled and suspicious.

If someone has opened your email because of an engaging heading, you want to catch their attention and encourage them to continue.

Clean List

So, you should:

  • Include bullet points to help people read the content and well understand the critical issues.
  • Use short paragraphs and focus on using keywords and phrases relevant to your readers.
  • Insert pictures moderately. Images should explain your message and not replace your content; some email providers block images or consider them a sign of spam.

6) Make Sure Your Email Is Not Marked As Spam:

If your carefully created emails are marked as spam, you will never get a benefit of them.

So, start by making sure your recipients have opted into your emails to run afoul of any regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act.

What about using too many exclamation marks??


No!! this will badly affect your email.

Wrongly formatted HTML in your emails can also have a harmful effect.

Remember, spam filters are different, so your email may pass through one filter but get flagged by another.

7) Include Interesting Links And Calls To Action:

Most email marketing campaigns try to increase traffic to a site or on a specific landing page.

Always try to include visually attractive buttons with text that give readers more than one chance to interact.

Call To Action

The more attractive the action you call, the more your readers will interact with you.

8) Make It Easy To Unsubscribe:

Giving your readers a chance to unsubscribe may seem like you are stopping the conversation.


But providing your readers with this feature will help you avoid marking your Emails as spam, which will cause problems soon.

9) Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly:

People nowadays use their mobile phones a lot, so your emails will be opened on smartphones and tablets in most cases.


Make sure not to lose a massive number of clicks and optimize your emails for viewing them on these devices.

10) Test Your Emails:

Please don’t send your Emails before making sure it is working.

To check that your Emails work as you want by sending them to employee accounts.

Try to view them on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and many mobile devices before starting your campaign.

With content testing on different platforms, examine various subject lines, call to actions, and body text to see what is working the most.

Email Marketing

Try sending emails on different days or different times to see when you get the most effective response rate.

11) Track Your Data:

Continue watching your data and always focus on the small details that will keep you informed about your email’s performance.


Like how many email addresses were undeliverable or what time of the day people opened your message.

12) Don’t Overwhelm Your Subscribers:

Be aware of how often you send messages to your list.


You don’t want to drown their inbox with marketing messages about what you offer, you will get annoying, and they may unsubscribe you.

13) Provide Value:

Good email marketing gives your audience something memorable, something that keeps your business on their mind.

Whether the information is educational about your industry, operational messages about your service, or marketing messages about your products, try to make them stick in your reader’s mind.


By now, you can start your emailing just by following these simple tips!!

All you need to do is to plan well and analyze data to make improvements to your campaigns.

So, don’t give up if you are not getting the results you want immediately; all the right things need time to happen!

Moreover, always keep in mind that email marketing is just like SEO, needs time, and effort to get great results!

Email Marketing

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