Generating Good-Quality Leads: The Complete Guide

Generating Good-Quality Leads

As we all know, GENERATING GOOD-QUALITY LEADS is a popular term, right?

Your audience no longer wants you to get their attention – they want you to use it correctly.

So, let’s start with you by this question:

Is it better to keep attracting people’s attention if you want to sell a service or product?

Or also to focus on turning them into real customers?

Of course, the real thing is achieving actual sales.

But how are visitors converted into real customers?

What are the practices? What are the tactics?

How can I do it correctly?

Is the quality as important as the quantity?

Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions, but first, let’s div into some essential concepts:

What Is The Lead?

Data and Leads

A potential customer is any person who indicates an interest in a company’s product or service in any way, shape, or form.

Potential customers usually hear from a company or an organization after opening a call (by sending personal information for an offer, experiment, or subscription); rather than getting a random cold call from someone who bought their contact information.

Let’s say you conduct an online survey to learn more about how to care for your car.

About a day later, you will receive an email from the car company that created a questionnaire on how to help you take care of your vehicle.

This process will be much less intrusive than if they just called you without knowing if you even care about car maintenance, right?

That’s what it means to be a leader.

From a business perspective, the information that is collected about you from your responses helps them to open communication for addressing your current problems – and not waste time communicating with people who aren’t interested in auto services.

Leads are part of the broader life cycle that consumers follow when moving from one visitor to another.

Keep in mind that not all leads are created equal.

So, here comes the concept of Generating Good-Quality Leads.


What Is The Concept Of Generating Good-Quality Leads?

In short, generating good-quality leads is the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services.

If you are a salesperson or B2B founder, you may already have at least some experience in generating leads.

But contrary to popular belief, generating good-quality leads is not just about cold calling or sending a bunch of emails.

Generating Good-Quality Leads

It is a complex process that requires a variety of strategies to be effective.

In this blog, we will guide you precisely through the entails of generating good-quality leads.

Additionally, we will outline some of the techniques you can implement in 2020 that will significantly increase your earnings.

First, Let’s Understand The Difference Between Marketing Leads Vs. Sales Leads:

If you receive an email from a business after signing up for something, someone is trying to convert you into a qualified lead.

You may encounter the terms “Qualified Lead in Marketing” and “Qualified Lead in Sales.”

You might think that these two terms mean almost the same thing.

However, some essential differences must be understood.

Here are some uncomplicated descriptions to help in clarifying the meaning of these terms:

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL):

Is a person who has been identified as a potential client based on marketing related activity (such as: responding to a marketing offer, joining a mailing list, etc.)

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):

Has been examined by a sales specialist to determine if they can move to the next step of the sales process (for example: setting up a phone call, scheduling a product demonstration, starting an experiment, etc.)

Product Qualified Lead (PQL):

PQLs are the contacts who have used your product and taken actions indicating interest in becoming customers.

PQLs are usually found for companies that offer a trial version of a product or a free limited version of their product.

And that’s where the sales team comes in.

An example of PQL is a customer who uses the version but only engages or asks about the features available when paying.

Service Qualified Lead:

Service Qualified Leads are the contacts or clients who have made it clear to the service team that they are interested in becoming clients.

An example of a potential qualified customer for a service is customers who tell that they want to upgrade their product subscription; At this time, the customer service representative promotes this customer to the appropriate sales team.

Generating Good Leads

What’s The Importance Of Generating Good-Quality Leads?

Generating good-quality leads is crucial for both sales and marketing teams because it helps in:

a) Get new sales Leads.

b) Generating Good-Quality Leads that have a big chance to convert into real customers.

While lead acquisition, by definition, involves the use of both inbound and outbound tactics to generate leads, most sales representatives and marketers find more success with inbound strategies.

Now, after you understand those concepts, you should ask yourself, how is it going?

Or in other words:

What’s The Process Of Generating Good-Quality Leads?

Generating Good-Quality Leads

The first step in the process is to find an effective way to attract potential customers to your website.

Depending on your company’s goals and budget constraints, there are many ways to start attracting potential customers to your site.

Here are some of the main methods companies use to increase traffic:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Google Ads and Leads

SEM is online advertising that includes pushing search engines like “Google, Bing, or Yahoo” to display your ads in their search results.

Since search is the primary way to navigate the web, this could be a great source of traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
SEO and Good-Leads

SEO is similar to SEM, but it involves getting traffic from search engines organically.

Still, instead of paying search engines for ads, SEO includes improving your website for search engine algorithms so that it appears higher in free search results.

– Social Media:

Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have grown to be some of the most popular sites on the web and are starting to compete with search as the primary traffic source.

Social Media and Leads

You can direct traffic from social networks by posting content on social media platforms (Content Marketing) or paying for advertisements displayed on networks.

Display Ads:

This ad comes in various formats such as video, image, audio, or text.

Display Ads and Leads

Display ads can be purchased on related websites to direct visitors to your site, usually via pay-per-click (PPC) forms.

Offline Events:

Online marketing often starts offline.

Events such as industry conferences and gatherings can be an excellent way to connect with potential new customers, inform them of your brand, and connect them to your website.

These can be the events you attend as a guest, the events they sponsor, or the events you host yourself.

Generating Good-Quality Leads

Once The Visitors Discover Your Work Through Your Marketing Channels, They Go Through These Stages:

  •  This visitor will click on the call-to-actions – an image, button, or message that encourages him/her to take action.
  • That call-to-action drives the visitor to the landing page, a web page designed to capture lead information in exchange for an offer.
  • Once the landing page is reached, the visitor fills out a form for the offer.

Forms are usually hosted on landing pages, although they can be technically included anywhere on your website.

What Are The Best Practices For Generating Good-Quality Leads?

Create And Optimize A Funnel:
Sales Funnel and Leads

Even if there are similarities, still, the conversion path for each person is unique.

There is a reason for this.

Imagine buying a new watch.

You might be looking for a classic watch to wear for an interview.

You will probably read some articles about the best classic watches, do some comparative shopping, and buy one that gives you a beautiful look.

This may include two or three points of contact with the brand you choose.

Now, imagine that your home needs new furniture.

A watch cost $ 50, but functional furniture might get you back $ 10,000.

This is a big difference.

You will do more research, check out potential companies, read reviews online, and even communicate with the company you care about.

In other words: many more touchpoints.

Improve Your Landing Pages, The Home Page, And Other Key Pages:
Generating Good-Quality Leads

Each page of your website deserves attention, whether it contains a subscription form or a blog post.

However, start with your landing pages and homepage.

Heatmap, confetti maps, scroll maps, and overlay can help you understand user behavior.

Which one does attract your visitors, and Which ones doesn’t?

Each page should have the required action.

Compelling CTA will write for the final button, but everything else on the page, from images to headline to the body text, should lead to CTA.

In other words, prepare for the possibility of conversion.

Generating good-quality leads requires anticipating what the reader wants and allowing them to get it.

Want your visitor to register for the next online course?

Well, submit a problem like a lack of knowledge and a solution (learning tools), and the reason for registration ($ 25 from the first course).

Motivate the visitor for registration!

Host An Event:

The strategies for generating good-quality leads can take place online and offline.

Host a personal or online event to attract and serve your target market while capturing their contact information by recording the event.

Also, use live events as opportunities to communicate with customers in real-time so that you can answer questions, respond to objections, get to know your audience, and actively target potential customers through the sales path.

Examples: (webinar, workshop, seminar, meeting, conference.)

Determine The Best Types Of Lead Magnets For Your Audience:
Generating Good-Quality Leads

Lead magnets do what the name suggests: it attracts leads to your business and convinces them to convert.

In other words, it offers excellent value for a small price.

The price is not cash.

You don’t want to buy your potential customers.

Instead, you want them to give away information about themselves, like their email addresses.

No old lead magnets will work.

For example, when you hear the phrase “lead magnet,” you might consider an e-book or a worksheet. These are not always the best options.

Discounts for Leads

Offer A Discount Or Coupon:

Convert potential customers interested in your products and services by offering a coupon or discount as a major magnet.

This attracts valuable long-term and short-term clients.

In the long run, you have attracted someone interested in buying from your brand.

In the short term, you can quickly convert a lead into a buyer because coupons serve leads at the bottom of the funnel and are willing to buy. Go to Raise website to get the coupons you like.

Start A Guest Posting Strategy On Related Blogs:

Guest posting can become a more reliable source for generating good-quality leads.

Indeed, once you bring them to your site, you have to convince them to convert, but you have to get them there first.

Related blogs in your domain may accept guest posts.

Contact the owners or authors and ask.

Some people may have custom pages about guest posting guidelines.

You can write your guest posts or outsource work.

Most blogs enable you to add at least one or two links to your site in the guest post.

Some don’t follow those links, but this doesn’t matter in generating good-quality leads.

You want people to click.

Many of us believe that numbers are the only thing that matters, but this is a huge mistake!

Leads and Customers

So, How Quality And Quantity Go Hand In Hand While Generating Good-Quality Leads?

Sales teams usually pay attention to the quality of the leads.

At the same time, marketing departments consider the number of points as a measure of a successful campaign to generate high-quality leads.

In most cases, these two teams do not see face to face because sales tend to pay attention to conversion rates while marketing is interested in generating more leads.

It is time to change this mindset and see both metrics as crucial to victory.

While there will be a trade-off when determining which metrics to concentrate on, it is necessary to remember that no one can go without the other.

Bringing more leads will always be a necessity for growing the number of sales conversions.

Preference for quality leads is imperative once business processes complete a particular level of maturity.

Doing so becomes an efficient tactic to decrease over costs and increase ROI (Return On Investment) in the long run.

But the real question is: How can we identify the qualified leads from those who are just a waste of time?

6 Questions You Should Ask To Identify Qualified Leads Or Generating Good-Quality Leads:

Questions for Leads

How Did You Hear About Us?

Sales leads should come from a variety of corners.

Some may find you on social networks, while others may have participated in an online webinar that you hosted.

By knowing how a lead has been found, you will understand the best way to forward.

If the introduction is a referral, this may severely affect their willingness to work with you.

You can take advantage of that relationship to gain prominence and persuade them to buy.

If they find you with a more traditional source of generating good-quality leads, you can get a better understanding of the aspects that matter to your brand.

What Did Attract You To Our Brand?

Try to find the features or traits that made you stand out!

Whether it comes to your unique brand or your pricing strategy, understanding why potential customers like your brand; can help you better understand its importance.

Knowing their favorite points about you can give a corner to focus on during your conversations.

For example, suppose a potential customer mentions that your prices attracted them the most.

This means that they may stick to a limited budget.


How Can We Assist You Better In Making This Decision?

Every potential customer has something holding him back.

Whether it’s a budget or not inevitable what they need, you want to cover the difficulty that limits them from withdrawing their credit card.

Finding the location of this hurdle can help you qualify prospects faster.

What Solutions Or Sources Have You Tried In The Past? What Occurred?

Ask your potential customers to talk about what they have already tried.

This can help you see if you can offer distinctive solutions.

It also helps potential customers summarize what they have already gone through.

Besides, covering the successful things can give you some insights into the behavior of your audience.

Where Do You See Your Competitors Outperform You?

Ask your leads how they see your competitors.

Then ask how they think you outperform your competitors.

By convincing them to think about the areas where you work better, they can fully understand the solutions they need from you.

That can give you both a better idea of the steps you need to take to get ahead.

Ask Questions

When Do You Hope To Start?

There is a big difference between starting within a week and starting within three months.

If you know your potential customer has not been looking to purchase for another year, you can focus your efforts on care even more.

However, if they are looking to get started right away, you’ll need to be more serious about how you’re promoting.

Although it may not be accurate, think of a time frame when looking to get started.

Having a lot of leads is great, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of generating good-quality leads for these reasons:

  • The potential purchase of your products.
  • The ability to advance along your company’s sales path.

There is much research to do when identifying potential customers in terms of quality, but it’s worth it.

Enhance your quality by building relationships with good-quality leads.

They are your future customers.

So, if you want big success, then start generating good-quality leads!
Generating Leads

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