Landing Pages for Conversions: Amazing Solution In 2020

Landing Pages

We’re sure you’ve heard it: “Hey, I created a funnel, and it’s killing it! Take a look at my lander! “, that friend who’s always bragging about his landing pages.

Have you ever wondered what exactly a landing page is?

Do you think you need one? 

Anyways, find the answer in this quick (but complete) solution!

Let’s say you are going to buy clothes; you see a shirt on offer, so excited to buy it!

But then, the manager shows up, showing their new collection, “Oh, you might want to see that as well!”

landing page

You get overwhelmed with the number of things you like!

But it gets late, you are spending a lot of time there, you forgot about picking your son up from school, “I’m late, have to go…”

You didn’t make a purchase, and the store didn’t complete a sale.

That is called “distraction,” and it happens online much more than offline.

social media

Because of the massive amount of content people digest every day on the internet, their attention span has decreased.

With that being said, to sell more, people started using methods that caused less distraction, one of which is called a landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are single-purposed pages, which usually are put to serve a very specific marketing goal.

Usually, people ‘land’ on the mentioned page, via a CTA (Click-To-Action) from an ad on social media, or search engine.

What is that “Single Purpose” we are talking about?

Well, it differs.

Some people create a landing page for collecting leads, containing only a form prompting for some information.

In addition to some pieces of content, like testimonials, partner sections, and benefits.

Another type of landing page highlights a single product on sale.

sales and landing pages

It contains images of the product, a “buy now” button or similar, testimonials of people who have bought it, and some content talking about the product itself.

You might be wondering how a website differs from a landing page, and what does it have, that a website don’t, actually, it’s the other way around.

Remember the store we talked about earlier?

That’s like a website; it has many sections, products, content…

Visitors might spend most of their time on the website without taking any action, and then for some reason, they would opt-out.

We are not saying that’s always the case.

However, a landing page is a “Quick Action” element, in a sense that it highlights only specific things, deleting another unnecessary context like navigation bars, headers, footers, etc…

Making it easier to fit into the prospect attention span.


In shorter words, A landing page converts prospect into leads/customers.

So, if you are aiming to sell a specific product or give a Free consultation, appointment, limited time offer, or any exclusive service/product, I encourage you to build a landing page.

How Can I Build Landing Pages?

Basically, you can turn any ordinary page into a sales page, or landing page.

The process is done by removing unrelated content.

Additionally, you should give the site a unique look with some editing to the source code (HTML, CSS and some functionality using JavaScript).

Building landing pages

However, it’s time consuming, and might need a lot of effort and development, no one got time for that!

There are some awesome landing pages builders out there! Some of which are cheap and easy, and some others get more advanced.

Let’s Start With The Basics.

If you are making a funnel (which is most likely what you are doing),

there is a platform called “ClickFunnels”, which is basically what you need.

It allows you to create a landing page, and track its metrics, while also giving you enhanced features like form building, thank you pages, etc.

The good thing about Clickfunnels is that it allows you to build pages in a “Drag and drop” method, which means that you don’t need any coding.

Another good alternative is called LeadPages, which contains a bunch of cool features to choose from!

So, do I really need a one? Or you are just wasting my time and money here?

If you are wondering whether you actually need a landing page, it depends on what you are offering.

Landing Page

If you have an e-commerce store, there is no point on creating a bunch of landing pages for each product.

However, you should create a special page and offer for your “winning” product, if you really want to scale sales up.

You should also consider doing what we mentioned previously, if you are whiling to collect leads, like for a free appointment or quote.

If you offer a service instead of a product, having a landing page that explains how awesome is yours, and how does it outstand the competition.

Finally, it’s always a good practice to have landers in some cases.

Especially, if you are running any kind of advertisement, like Facebook ads, PPC (Ex. Google Ads).

Because if you are running a promotion, and people are clicking on your ad, taking them to the homepage would be misleading and confusing.

You have to show them EXACTLY what you are offering since most sites get their visitors confused on what to do after they land on their site.

Landing Page

That is done through a landing page.

You decide if you need one or not.

Conclusion For Landing Pages:

Most of the time, having a landing page is a good deal.

You can reach much more conversions by creating a lander for your audience.

Mixed with a cool offer, a landing page could be implemented to improve sales or leads.

Finally, paid advertisement represents the best way to conduct your clients into a lander.

You should consider using things like Facebook Ads, Adwords and other types of social media ads.

There are many resources online that provide you with tutorials on how to build “Killer” pages.

Some Paid resources provide you with themes and templates for you to use, so you don’t spend extra time building landing pages from scratch.

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