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Who would accept this deal? Anyone who wanted to live in a new home with new appliances, carpets, luxurious amenities, etc. all taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. This agreement is a blessing for the person who can then sell his home cheaper, and can use the proceeds of the sale to pay for his lifestyle. What do you think of the leasing option? I see it as a win-win and my first one is coming. Are there any major drawbacks for buyers or sellers? If you have a lease agreement, the park must also provide you with a broken-down accounting for all lease payments. The park must give you this accounting at least once a year. If you request an accounting at the park, they must provide it to you within 10 days of your application. If that`s true, let`s say I`m going to spend money and I can buy your park in the future. I also assume that I would like to pay a relatively small “down payment” or “money earnest” for the option and then pay most of the purchase price at closing. Since there is no need for management or maintenance, options also allow you to invest from your own domain if you can find opportunities that offer higher returns. You don`t need to know about management or maintenance. All you need to do is give money to the option seller, or if you don`t have a lot of money, an ongoing source of income to supplement his payments.

Of course, it`s a negative cash flow, but your negative cash flow is rewarded with a very high return on investment. Yes, yes. If you sign a lease, the park is required to offer you a lease for the land on which the house is located. If the term of the lease is longer than the duration of the original lease for the land, then the park must offer you a renewal lease. Leases must be on the same terms as leases offered to other tenants of prefabricated homes in the park. However, if you are more than a month behind on your rents, your renewal contract will not take effect. In some cases, the park can increase your rent by more than three percent. The park must be able to prove that it needs more than 3% more, because (1) operating costs have increased, (2) property taxes have increased or (3) expenses have increased due to improved capital in the park. If the park proposes a rent increase of more than three per cent, a finished landlord has the right to challenge the increase. So what are these options really worth? Is it really more like serious money or really more like a d/p? A rental agreement is an agreement between you and the manufactured residential park, under which you eventually become the owner of the house you rented. You`re going to pay for the park for the manufactured house. As a general rule, you also have to pay a separate lot for the room on which the manufactured house is located.

In the case of a leasing option, the amount of money paid by the seller by the buyer may be large or quite small. Both parties must accept a purchase price, either immediately or after the completeness of the option at market value. This amount is considered highly negotiable, but buyers will generally want to decide on a specified purchase price once the lease option is concluded.