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Open Connect appliances can be integrated into your ISP network. Integrated ATCs have the same functions as the OCAs we use in our more than 60 global data centers and are made available free of charge to qualified ISP partners. Each integrated deployment of OCA relieves a significant portion of netflix content traffic from peering or transportation channels. Several physical deployments can be distributed or grouped on a geographic or network basis to maximize local loading. The problem has come to light, as Netflix, the provider of the popular video streaming service, is soaring its broadband partners and claims that these ISPs have heavily armed Netflix to pay a fee to provide video traffic requested by their common customers. Netflix is engaged in a public battle with Comcast and Verizon over so-called peering agreements that allow it to connect its service directly to ISP networks. To request a new public peering session with Netflix, please use our Public Peering Request Form After the Comcast Deal, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings complained that he had to pay “an arbitrary fee” to the broadband giant to improve customer service, and asked federal supervisory authorities to include peering agreements paid for in the new net neutrality rules currently being developed by the FCC. Thanks to the cooperation strikes between Demonton and Comcast and Verizon, Netflix connects directly to its networks and bypasses bandwidth providers that act as third-party intermediaries between private broadband companies and internet companies. Netflix is willing to sign peering agreements with ISPs, but it doesn`t want to. The company has a hard line in favour of what it calls strong net neutrality, a definition that broadens it to include the exclusion of peering agreements. Netflix tried to manage overcrowded routes to Comcast by purchasing all available transit capabilities from transit providers that did not pay a Comcast access fee – which included agreements with Cogent, Level 3, NTT, TeliaSonera, Tata and X0 Communications. Although the six providers sold dentransit to the entire internet, only three of them – Cogent, Level 3 and Tata – had direct connections to the Comcast network. The decryption of the diagrams is important considering that Netflix this week entered into a paid peering agreement with another broadband provider, Verizon, and is undoubtedly negotiating similar deals with other broadband providers, although they didn`t have fun.

The graph below shows an example of an OCA built into a network of partners, in conjunction with SFI peering, which is used to provide additional failure security and allow content filling and night updates.