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Yes, you can use our 24-hour automatic payment line on 0800 001 5115 to pay your current bill in full with a debit/credit card. You need your ScottishPower account number displayed on your bill. You will find your account number in the top right corner of the front of your ScottishPower invoice and in most other communications from us. If you have an online account, you`ll also find your account number on the “My Account Statement” page when you log in to MyAccount. If you don`t have an online account or can`t find your last bill, please contact us. When you log in to MyAccount, you can check the details of your latest transactions by selecting “Check my balance/payment history.” If you haven`t done so yet, why not sign up to manage your online account? This is the most convenient way to stay in control and with an online account you could find a cheaper online rate that better suits your needs. You can also call our 24-hour automatic service on 0800 001 5115 and select current transaction options. All you need is your ScottishPower account number displayed on your bill. The invoices we sent you previously are based on estimated values. Now that we have your actual meters, we`ve used them to charge your fees and give you an adjusted bill to reflect the energy you`ve consumed. You`ll find these “cancelled fees” on the front page of your bill and in the “Cancelled Charges” section of your payment and fee breakdown. Providing regular meter readings helps to keep your bill as accurate as possible.

You can do this the following way – just make sure you have your account statements and account number handy before you start. If you have an online account: Yes, you can sign up or sign up for MyAccount to pay your bill online by debit or credit card. (Please note that credit card payments are subject to administrative fees.) Once we have processed your payment, we will send you a supporting document on the screen with a unique transaction number. Please note your unique transaction number or print a copy of this screen for your recordings. If you wish, you can also switch to paperless billing. In MyAccount, select “Change Personal Data” and update your “Information” section. Or, why not choose one of our online rates, just choose “Change your rate.” You can also download and pay with our YourEnergy app. Your bill amount depends on a number of factors, including your usage and energy prices. If your prices change, your payments may not necessarily change.