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Bossler, M. (2017), Increasing orientation in collective bargaining without a formal contract. LASER Discussion Paper 103. Jirjahn, U. (2017), works councils and collective bargaining in Germany: a simple theoretical extension to the reconciliation of contradictory empirical discoveries. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 173 (2): 322-346. Over the past 20 years, wage setting in Germany has fallen sharply. Studies on the determinants of collective bargaining show that membership in a sectoral trading system depends on several structural factors, such as the size of the business, membership in a sector, the ship owner, the age of the company and the composition of the workforce. These parameters have undergone, at least in part, significant changes over the past two decades. Based on data from the IAB business panel, we want to determine how much of the decline in wage setting is due to structural changes.

We use a decomposition technique (Fairlie 2005) to break down coverage differences between 1998 and 2016. In addition, we look at different subgroups of companies (along the size of the business). Our results show that structural factors influence the long-term decline in wage setting. There are also considerable differences between small and large enterprises, as small and large enterprises` decisions are more dependent on structural changes. Ellguth, P., S. Kohaut (2017), collective bargaining and representation of the company`s interests: results of the IAB 2016 panel. WSI Communications 70 (4): 278-286 Gortzgen, N. (2009), rent participation and wage guarantee: employee and employer data. Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111 (2): 323-249.

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