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City twinning is increasingly being used to establish strategic international trade relationships. For example, in the 1990s, when Nottingham City Council in Great Britain considered installing a tram network, Nottingham City Council consulted experts from its twin town, Karlsruhe, which has one of Germany`s largest and most efficient tram networks. With the help of specialist engineers in Karlsruhe, Nottingham completed the second tram line in 2013. [4] In 2014, Bristol and New Orleans, at the initiative of Bristol Mayor George Ferguson, announced their intention to create a tuning partnership based on a common musical heritage and a common cultural offering. [46] Annecy, France and Nerima, Tokyo, have for several years shared a partnership based on their “co-existing animation industry”. [47] [48] While the reality is probably not as dramatic, the concept of twin cities is in fact very inspiring and offers many possibilities. In addition, your city has probably benefited from these agreements, which has allowed some of the cultural, educational and even commercial opportunities that exist today. Partnerships between twin cities can also be established by independent or government-supported organizations, which work to support cultural, educational and governmental ties between countries. True Education Partnerships (TEP) is an organization that works to create and support twin cities through sister-in-law bilateral school partnerships. America, South Asia and Australasia use the term “sister cities” or “twin cities.” In China, it is the term “Yuh`o chengshe”, friendly cities. [11] Sometimes other government agencies include a partnership relationship, such as the agreement between Hainan provinces in China and Jeju-do in South Korea.

The twelve is a twinning of cities with a city from each of the Member States of the European Union. [1] [12] For those who are about to do so, “sister cities” (or “twin cities”) have almost a rather strange, original and perhaps even fantastic feeling. If you didn`t know better, you`d forgive thinking of enchanted fantasy countries or something of a science fiction novel. The history of a twin city goes back centuries. Paderborn and Le Mans, France, were the first in Europe to establish the form of partnership of a “buried fraternity” between the dioceses of the two Andean Catholic bishops. Subsequently, an official twinning contract was signed in 1967. Through these partnerships between twin cities, PET has been able to establish numerous partner school partnerships and offer life-changing experiences, such as student exchange, student accommodation and joint school-to-school projects.