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In view of the changes made to the October 21 Section 21 legislation for landlords in England, it is imperative that landlords show a valid CBE to potential tenants before entering into a tenancy agreement. Hello Could help anyone if a property has been rented to the same tenant for more than 15 years and continues with its rental agreement. Is a minimum CPE standard required by 2020 if the EPC has never been applied? If the minimum standard is required by 2020 only if a CBE already exists If none of the above points is available, the CBE must be submitted before the signing of the lease. Hello, I moved into a property March 2013 and does not remind me to find an EPC with my lease, I am due to sign a new lease, but can not find a current ep for the property. The EPC`s I found online do not line up with the apartments on the property. Does there have to be a valid CBE before a lease can be signed? Through Section 21 From October 2015, landlords in England (not Wales) will not be able to show valid EBE to potential and existing tenants, they will not comply with the latest provisions of Section 21 and will therefore not provide valid notification under Section 21. A landlord must serve a valid section 21 termination tenant if he wishes to legally terminate the tenancy agreement, so it is essential to comply with the law. If the property is vacated because of the start of the lease or if there is a possibility that they can apply for an exemption as if they were forced to make improvements, they will inform us and have us ruin the property, but we love here and we are probably more interested in the property being vacated or handed over than the owner is. Even if your lease is already in progress and you do not intend to extend it after April 2020, you must have a higher EPC or E rating or you may be fined. If you had not moved to the property until February 2014, this would have triggered the APPLICATION for EPC.

If you had moved in before December 2007, this was not a requirement at the time and even now would not be before you moved. (In April 2020, it will be a requirement anyway) When you moved into the property in February 2014, a CBE should have been made, or earlier, if the lease had been changed between December 2007 and Feb 2014. If I were you, I would ask the owner if you could see the CPEs without preventing you from knowing that there is no one there and see what he says. In the absence of an E or higher CPE assessment, lenders will have to expect civil and criminal penalties as of April 1, 2018 if they sign a new lease or renew an existing lease.