What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing vs. Direct Selling. The differences between affiliate marketing and direct selling have a significant impact on both merchants and affiliates. If you’re one of the hundreds of websites dealing in affiliate marketing services, you might be wondering how to make a profit on your affiliate marketing. You’re not alone. There are many questions that should be answered before you can make a decision. You should know, however, that Affiliate Marketing is still one of the most effective ways to drive sales, create repeat business and earn an increased revenue on your online business. This is a concise guide to help you find out how to start affiliate marketing, even if you’ve never done it before.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Before I go into how affiliate marketing works, I need to state something upfront: This is a long article about Affiliate Marketing Explained. Therefore, I’m going to make sure you understand a bit about affiliate marketing before we begin. However, even with that, if you just click on the link below, I’ll break down affiliate marketing in as much detail as possible.

So how does affiliate marketing work?
Affiliate marketing is a word that comes from the word affiliate, and is the process by which an affiliate makes a commission for promoting another’s product or service. This is a business promotion of another person’s product or service by providing a product or service to the person being promoted. What are some examples of things an affiliate can do?

  1. Use affiliate links to drive traffic to affiliate websites in order to drive traffic to their website. That is, the affiliate places a link on a company’s website that redirects to their affiliate link, which then takes the customer to their website. The customer is then redirected to the affiliate website to buy something, usually the affiliate products that were advertised.
  2. A customer clicks on the link and then then visits their own website and buys the product. This is the way in which affiliate marketing is sometimes called “payment-by-click”, since the transaction occurs by purchasing the product in this way. One affiliate link of a website can be used by several affiliates, for different purposes, in order to promote their own product or service. An affiliate in this situation is a person who provides a link, providing a product or service. That person is not selling the product that they advertise; instead, the purpose of the affiliate is to make the sale. That is, they are promoting the affiliate’s own products or services. That person is also different from an affiliate who runs an affiliate site, such as Raffi’s Affiliate Network.
  3. A person using a link to create an affiliate network is the same as an affiliate using a link to promote an affiliate site. An affiliate with an affiliate network does not have a website to promote and generate revenue. Instead, they have an affiliate page on their website, where they promote their affiliate link, and to which their other affiliates links. That affiliate is paid a commission for promoting other affiliate’s link, and also earns a commission for how many clicks their affiliate sends to the affiliate site.
  4. An affiliate with affiliate sites runs multiple affiliates, most of which are run by the same affiliate. The idea is to get as many people as possible to be buyers of the affiliate products, thus increasing your personal returns.

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